Health & Dental Plans

If you are a business owner, you like to save money and like having happy employees – we need to chat!

It is important to understand the immeasurable benefits in investing in a group insurance plan for your employees, as small as a group of 3 people to a large business size. Depending on the business, a group of 1 person may be possible. You can also include a Health Spending Account or Cost Plus into your Group Employee Benefits plan.

  • You attract and retain employees, which helps minimize costs associated with high turnover.
  • You and your employees have access to insurance at a reduced cost, compared to most individual insurance plans.
  • The premium you pay is tax deductible as a business expense.
  • You help improve morale and increase productivity by providing financial need and support when your employees need it most.

We specialize in Group Employee Benefits from Traditional Group Plans, ASO Benefit Plans to Private Health Services Plans (PHSP) and Health Spending Accounts. Your Business is unique so you should have a unique Group Employee Benefits Plan.

From small start-up businesses to large corporations, including non-profit organizations we build the plan to suit you. We have teams behind the scenes & back-office support to assist us – so rest assured we’ve got you covered.

We shop, compare and negotiate on your behalf. Call us today to discuss your Group Employee Benefit options… you’ll be pleasantly surprised!