Insurance Services

Life Insurance planning for you, your Family & your Business

Term, Universal Life and Whole Life insurance is available in various amounts to suit every need. Not all insurance is created equal, therefore if you’re considering Mortgage Insurance with the Bank, you may want to talk to us.

Why you should consider Life Insurance?

  • Family protection
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Protect your Business

Life Insurance is essential for your family, business partner and yourself through peace of mind.

Many people insure their cars, boats, and homes automatically, but don’t think to insure their lives or income. Many think that the life insurance they have through their place of work will be enough, but what happens when they retire? That insurance will be gone or you have an option to convert it to your own policy but it can be extremely expensive. If you try to purchase life insurance on your own and if you are over 65, it is difficult and expensive.

The key to life insurance is getting it when you are young and healthy.

To find out more on which type of life insurance would suit you, please call us today!