Business Overhead Expense Insurance

To a small business owner, Business Overhead Expense Insurance is quite necessary. If you (the owner) or a co-owner ever become disabled, it helps pay the bills in your (that person’s) absence.

What is Business Overhead Expense Insurance?
Every business has a cost of operation, that can be anything from: rental of the place of business, cost of utilities, employee salaries, etc.
In the event you can’t work, due to a disability or sickness, Business Overhead Insurance kicks in to minimize any adverse effect your absence may put on the business.

BOE Insurance doesn’t cover lost wages if you become disabled, you need Disability Insurance to cover that.

How It Works
Premiums may be tax-deductible as a business expense.
Benefits can start after only 15 days of disability.
Benefit payments are available for 15 or 24 months.
You can increase your coverage at a later date.
Return to work assistance is available.

Who Is It For?
Anyone ages 18 – 60 are eligible to apply.

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