Find The Best Insurance Company For You!

Scared of insurance schemes, only planning to take your money and turn their backs on you when you need that money the most? You should be. That’s a very common problem all over. A survey done by the Financial Planning Standards Council, revealed that 40% of men and 51% of woman lose sleep because of their financial issue. That’s bad!

So how can you avoid being one of the statistics? We’ll show you how to choose your company wisely. Companies in Canada and all over the world, come to people offering so many services that they don’t even live up to. You need to:

  • Check Their ratings: Look at their financial status. Are they doing good? Look at the company’s A.M. rating.See if they maintain reserves or capital ready to honor future insurance claims from their clients. You’ll see if they are capable and loyal enough to honor their obligations.
  • Look at the Claim Payment History: See how well they’ve been doing at paying claims in a timely fashion. If they have a record of late payments and turmutuous payment claims, then it’s probably a good idea to stay away from them. Look into the efficicny of their claims processing epartment. That’ll give you a good clue!
  • Seek Help!: Talk to someone who has the toosl to do a thorough analysis of your insurance needs and who can recommend the suitable policies. The best one for you aould be the one that meets those needs and has a good background  of customer service and financial competence.

Check us out. Maybe we are the right one for you! We deal with disability insurance, critical illness benefits, group employee benefits, life insurance and more. If you are looking for life insurance or disability insurance, give us a call to discuss the wide variety of options and insurance coverage that we make available, to keep you and your family protected. Call us today!