Protect your Business

Business Overhead Expense Insurance – where you can be there for your business, even if you can’t.

If your business depends on your ability to generate income to help pay the bills, your absence due to a long- or short-term disability would impact the bottom line.

Some Insurance companies provide business overhead expense insurance. It’s designed to help businesses with owners/partners who actively generate income to pay ongoing fixed expenses-like salaries, rent, property taxes and utilities-in the event that a partner or owner becomes disabled and is unable to work.

Ensure your business and your employees are protected.

Buy/Sell Life Insurance (Partnership agreement)

Planning for the loss of a business owner or partner is crucial to ensuring the continuity of your business and protecting the financial security of your family and the families of each partner or co-owner.

Your Buy/Sell agreement should be funded with Insurance.

See Disabiltiy Insurance for information on Disability Buy/Sell Disability Plans.

Key Person Life Insurance

Does your business include someone whose contribution is vital to your business? If yes, then key person life insurance should be a critical component of your business continuity and succession plan- especially if you’re a small business owner.