Learning About Long-term Care Insurance.

What is it? It’s insurance coverage that intended to cover long-term services such as custodial care in places like your home or community facilities.

In the case that custodial care is needed, policy holders will receive daily amounts to pay for services that help with basic essentials like eating, bathing, dressing and more.

The cost depends on…

  1. How old you are when you invest.
  2. The maximum daily payment.
  3. The maximum duration that the policy will pay (the number of days).
  4. The lifetime maximum amount that the policy will pay (the max. amount per day multiplied by the max. number of days).
  5. Optional benefits that you have chosen.

Unfortunately, you may not qualify for long-term care insurance if you have poor health or already utilize long-term care services. Still, you may, in some cases, be able to get a limited amount of coverage or coverage at an increased rate.

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